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We offer 10 tantalizing flavors plus seasonals so your tastebuds won’t ever get bored

Flavor Lineup


The best kombucha starts with the best ingredients



 kegs available for your home, office or special event 

 1/6 barrel, 1/2 barrel & our caboost 2.5L hobo keg in any of our tasty flavors

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Come meet our family

Mike Eliot

brewery operations & Founder

Kris Romaine

head brewer & Founder

First Class Kombucha

We are your First Class Ticket to  the best-tasting kombucha around.

Live, Authentic, Raw

That means the naturally-occurring probiotics that make kombucha so great, are alive and abundant. We do not pasteurize or heat our kombucha which can kill and reduce the potentency of all the good stuff.  Keeping Caboost Kombucha raw, the beneficial and good bacteria remain intact to ensure our kombucha is authentic.

First Class Flavors

Our flavors are more than just a clever name. Our recipes were carefully crafted using real, whole foods from herbs, roots and fruits to not only bring unique taste, but healthful benefits. Each ingredient was specifically chosen for the flavor it offers, as well as it’s nutritional properties.

First Class Ingredients

We strive to use ingredients from local, non-gmo or organic sources. Pristine Cascade mountain water we are so fortunate to be the beneficiary of here in Central Oregon is then filtered again in our brewery. Our signature tea blend culminates premium teas grown around the world – Oolong, Gunpowder green tea  and early-picked White tea tea lends maximum antioxidants.

First Class Service

Your business is our business! It’s our promise to provide first class customer service to every Caboost customer. We strive to meet your needs at all times. Our kombucha is always guaranteed to please, so if you ever have an issue, please let us know so we can make it right.