about us 

We’re a little old school

it’s how we roll


Who are we?


We just do what we do. We do what we love. Nothing fancy. No big corporate muckety-mucks… We are a family- operated business with lots of help and support from our friends and community. 


Most of our brewery was pieced together with used equipment or self-fabricated by Mike.  We lovingly call his creations “Mikenized”. If you visit us, you will see his handiwork  throughout the facility. Mike has the unique ability to upcycle something ugly into something useful. We would not have been able to build our brewery if not for his ingenious creativity.



aka the Scoby Mobi

Yes, this was Mikenized! It’s really more for fun than function, but you may see it around town at one of our local Bend events once in awhile. His name is Mad Max, named by one of our customers a few years ago.

People ask us all the time…

Where did you get the idea to start a kombucha company?

Like many things, it began as a journey. First came the tea. In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, tea became a favorite beverage. Then came Adventurosity (Yes, we made that word up) Adventurous + Curiosity). This led to many tastings of different kombuchas ~ knowing that it contained all good things. Finally, this led to experimentation of our own kombucha where we could create our favorite flavors, while power-packing it with more beneficial herbs and spices. We shared and people loved. We wanted to offer our pleasant-tasting buch to the people on a grander scale and so began the formation of Caboost Kombucha.


it’s been no tea party

we can be pretty fussy

Our recipes we created with lots of love, time and trial and error until our flavors were absolutely  perfect. We are really fussy about the quality of our kombucha and the ingredients that go into it. We insist on things being done the proper way. So raise a pinky next time you sip your tea ~ Caboost Kombucha tea, that is!


It was a tricky path to creating some of the best-tasting kombucha around

But we think it was worth it!