Kombucha is the perfect mixer so unleash the inner bartender in you! Let your creativity loose

Much research and development was put into creating these signature Caboostail kombucha cocktails. Enjoy them as they are or let them inspire to create your own signature kombucha cocktail

Best of all, Kombucha contains glucuronic acid, a natural liver detoxifier. A little antidote to help relieve the hangover effects of alcohol.


 Hibiscus Sangria Cosmo
 1 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Triple Sec
 3 oz Hibisicus Sangria Kombucha
 Stir with ice and strain into martini
 glass Lime garnish


Lavender Bee’s Knees1 oz Gin 
                         3 oz R & R Kombucha 
1 tsp honey & mix with 
1/2 oz fresh squeezed lemon 
 Stir and serve over ice 


 The Captain & Ginger
 1 oz Spiced Rum
 4 oz Honey Ginger Kombucha
 Serve over ice in old-fashioned


Hibiscus Sangria Punch 
4 oz sweet red wine 
4 oz Hibiscus Sangria Kombucha 
Lime and Lemon wedge squeeze 
1/4 Orange squeeze or OJ splash 
Float orange slice on top 


 Triple Berry Quencher
 1 oz Vodka
 6 oz Boxcar Berry Kombucha
 Muddled seasonal berries
 Serve in tall glass with ice

CooCoo Malibu
1 oz Coconut Rum
4 oz CooCoo Cachoo
Pineapple, Orange & Cherry garnish over ice

Ruby Greyhound
1 oz Vodka
5 oz Ruby Basil Kombucha
Opt’l splash grapefruit juice
Serve over ice

Ruby Radler Brewcha
Equal parts or to taste:
Light beer
Ruby Basil Kombucha
Grapefruit slice garnish

Ginger Mimosa
Equal parts: Honey Ginger Kombucha
Serve in champagne flute

Coo Coo Spritzer
White wine
Coo Coo Cachoo Kombucha
Cherry, orange, pineapple garnish
Red Wine Pour Out Spray Wine Glass Splash Glasses

Brewcha Er Bucha Spritzer Offerings

Lemon Rock Shandy Brewcha
Lemongrass Express kombucha
Light beer
Fresh lemon wedge

Frog Juice
Lime Line kombucha
Light beer
Pinch salt
Lime wedge squeeze and drop in
Lime garnish

Mango Tango
Fla’Mango kombucha
Light beer
Lemon garnish

Hibiscus Sangria Spritzer
3 oz red wine
3 oz Hibiscus Sangria kombucha
Squeeze 1/4 fresh orange (or orange juice)
Squeeze a small wedge of lime and lemon
Float orange slice on top


Shandygaff Honey Brewcha
Mix 1 tsp honey with
Fresh squeezed orange & lemon wedges
Add 4 oz Honey Ginger Jun Kombucha
Top with 4 oz light beer and gently mix

Ruby Radler Brewcha
Ruby Basil Kombucha
Light Beer
optional splash grapefruit

Boxcar Berry Cooler
White wine
Boxcar Berry kombucha
Muddled berries

CooCoo Spritzer
White wine
CooCoo Cachoo kombucha
Cherry, orange & pineapple garnish