honey ginger jun

Lovely and amazing, nature’s gifts grace us with this ancient bubbly elixir.

Green and White tea blend, Honey and Ginger… simplicity at it’s finest.



Can you be tart, sassy, smooth, exotic and sweet all at once? 5 shades of lemon make it possible

Lemongrass, Meyer Lemon, Citrus Lemon, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena & a touch of Turmeric 

Exquisite…The Limoncello of kombucha! Take a magical ride on the Lemongrass  Express.



Inspired by our favorite Seattle tea. There’s really no words to describe the pure deliciousness bestowed upon you with this sweet and spicy tea. Drenched in Cinnamon,  drizzled in orange and a treasure trove of spices, it tingles all the way down.


Light and sweet amazing Mango enriched with Calendula and Turmeric. Lemon and Ginger grace its presence, while Coriander lends notes of citrus.

Ruby Basil  aka Ol’ Sourpuss

Hands down the most refreshing beverage any sourpuss has ever tasted. This drink isn’t for everyone, but those who savor the taste of sour will delight in the refreshing taste of Ruby Red Grapefruit laced with Sweet Basil.  Licorice root balances the sour with gentle sweetness and Hibiscus compliments with tart.

Hibiscus Sangria 

This is an ambitious blend of citrus flavors and spices lounging in a sea of Hibiscus. Lime makes it’s presence known alongside orange. Created with a nod to authentic Aqua de Jamaica with a sangria twist. Escape in a glass and let this drink take you away to warm and exotic places.

R & R


Rest and Relaxation are the prescription here. Lavender gets lead in this light and floral beverage, with Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Rose Hips playing accompaniment.  




Boxcar Berry

An intensely rich berry concoction of Elderberry, Blueberry and Black Currant create this hearty buch. The blackfruits pair perfectly with Hibiscus flowers with an herbal punch from Burdock, Licorice and Ginger.


Coo Coo Cachoo

You’ve never tasted anything like this before, but watch out – it’s addictive. Rockin’ random flavors that come together for perfect harmony. Tropical paradise with a Coconut that rides your tongue into a blissful pool of tastes.

lime line


Lime-alicious in every way. Your quest for the perfect Lime beverage is over. Exotic and aromatic Citrus herbs, Kaffir Lime Leaves, an extra kick from Matcha and of course, Lime.  




This tasty gem is also an acronym for it’s ingredients… Pear, Elderflower, Apple, Rosemary & Lemon

Succulent juicy Pear with fresh fragrant Rosemary are prominent.  *This is a limited edition flavor, but has become such a favorite that we have continued to offer it.